Society Policies and News

Registration Policies

Registration and fees are to be submitted by the end of September for A and B groups.

Registration and fees are to be submitted by the 2nd week of October for Little Ukers.

Please note: If attending workshops, fieldtrips or other events, all fees will be a standard amount regardless of whether attending part workshop or part field trip or food specialties. All monies will need to be paid up front. If requiring financial assistance for registration, please contact, Laura Kaiser, President.

Trip Fee Policies

Due to some streamlining needed in the financial running of Ukulele, some changes will be made to how payments are made for trips.

"A" group trip money payments are to be given by post-dated cheques payable to Island Ukulele for each month from September to April. This is mandatory in order for your child to participate on a field trip. Once post-dated cheques are handed in to the President, your child's name will be put on the trip list. These post-dated cheques need to be received no later than the end of September.

This change for payments allows for the Treasurer to deposit on one date each month, and also records will be much easier to keep.

When your child is fundraising - extra funds can be put to your next year's trip, or you can be reimbursed with a cheque from Island Ukulele.

*Please note: Trips are a privilege, not mandatory.