Tina Horwood, Music Director (A's)

A beacon of energy and enthusiasm, Tina is an alumna of "Island Ukuleles", A's director and a great inspiration to her students. She has been directing the group for 25 years and continues to instill high expectations for musical skill development in the areas of vocal and instrumental technique. On a personal level Tina encourages her students to step forward and lead with confidence!  Tina is currently the vocal jazz teacher at Oak Bay High School.

Melissa McKnight, Music Director (L.U.)

With her father, Vince Sequeira, as a mentor, Melissa developed a keen interest in the ukulele. Melissa was a member of her father's ukulele ensemble, "Pacific Ukes", where she learned to play the ukulele with proficiency. After high school graduation she joined the "Island Ukuleles" where, as an accomplished bassist, coupled with her focus on choral music and arranging skills, Melissa has become an indispensable asset to the "Island Ukuleles".  Melissa is currently the choral and strings teacher at Cedar Hill Middle School and strings teacher at Lakehill Elementary School.

Matthew Martin, As. Director (A's and L.U.)

For 12 years, Matthew has been involved with Island Ukuleles.  Beginning with the Little Ukers group at Braefoot Elementary and eventually moving into roles with all three groups, technical director, webmaster, and non-voting member of the Board of Directors.  Matthew is currently the music teacher at Strawberry Vale Elementary School where he runs a full-time music program with ukulele, bass, drums, and choral components.  Matthew is also very active with the British Columbia Music Educators' Association serving as the Secretary of the Board and Marketplace and Industry Chairperson of the annual BCMEA Conference.

Jacqueline Czar, Music Director (B's)

An alumna of Island Ukuleles, Jacqueline has always been a part of the program.  During university, she helped to teach the Little Ukers and B Group programs but left to explore teaching in the UK.  When she came back to Canada, Jacqueline came back to Island Ukuleles but this time to the B Group where she currently sits as music director and administrator.  Jacqueline is currently the music teacher at Frank Hobbs Elementary School.

Some of our teachers skiing at Shawnigan Lake, September 2016

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